The Cyberpunk Genre, our First Viewing Experiences of The Matrix, and Matrix 4: Interview with NeoMatrixology


What is NeoMatrixology?

“Welcome to the bottom of the rabbit hole! Remember, as one realizes that one is a dream figure in another person’s dream–that is self-awareness.”–Lazarus, NeoMatrixology founder

NeoMatrixology is the YouTube channel from Lazarus who, along with his Instagram and Twitter channels, breaks down in great detail the Matrix trilogy and all other related Matrix media using a “logical ‘yellow pill’ approach to research (by making sure all his sources are valid and not rumor mills).

Who is Lazarus?

Lazarus was born and raised in the East Coast, near Philadelphia, but chose to be anonymous so he could be the “voice behind the screen.” He has done some work in the music industry as a DJ, but other than that, we know very little about the mysterious man behind NeoMatrixology. And he likes it that way.

However, if you want to meet him in person, he is hosting a “Project Matriculated” screening project in order to watch the premiere of Matrix 4 for the Cyberpunk Community, if you can snag a ticket.

Vesuveus (@vesuveusmxo) | Twitter

Discussing the Cyberpunk Genre, Our First Matrix Viewing Experiences, and What Might Come Next for Matrix 4

To listen to the complete podcast, click the link below.

Topics that we cover:

In this podcast with Lazarus we cover the following topics:

  • Will Matrix 4 and John Wick 4 happen on the same day?
  • What video games and technology he grew up with.
  • Does Isaac Asimov count as Cyberpunk?
  • How does Lazarus define “Cyberpunk”?
  • What are his early influences of Cyberpunk?
  • What are his favorite Cyberpunk works?
  • Which Terminator film is the best.
  • Which Matrix film is his favorite?
  • He tells us his story of how he saw The Matrix for the first time.
  • I share the unusual way that I saw The Matrix for the first time.
  • How and Why Lazarus started his NeoMatrixology YouTube channel.
  • The Matrix Online Universe with its different factions and communities.
  • How he merged the Matrix and Terminator story lines to make montage videos.
  • We discuss The Path of Neo video game.
  • What happens in The Matrix Online Canon (including major events with Morpheus and Trinity.
  • What may appear in Matrix 4 from Matrix Online, if any.
  • From Matrix Online, who the General is and how he might be important and why in Matrix 4
  • How Sense 8 and David Mitchell may (or may not) have any influence on Matrix 4.

If you like this interview and want to comment on any of the things we covered, comment below! You can find Lazarus over at his YouTube and Twitter channels.

Correction: The director of Oblivion is Joseph Kosinski, who also directed Tron: Legacy, not Ghost in the Shell. Ghost in the Shell (2017) was directed by Rupert Sanders, who also directed Snow White and the Huntsman.  Still, they’re all great films!



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