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Cyberpunk Matrix was founded in March 2018 by your operator, Alex Woods. He wanted a place online where he could learn about the Cyberpunk genre, its history, its most influential works, and more importantly all the new different media in the genre being released so that he wouldn’t miss a thing in the future. He wanted a central place to see the entire Cyberpunk Matrix. Without finding anything that fit this description, he decided to make one himself. The result? This is a one-man passion project to bring the latest news on all Cyberpunk Media to you, dear reader.

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Who is the Cyberpunk Matrix for?

  • You want to know when the next Cyberpunk movie is coming out in the theaters? Look at the Countdowns.
  • You want to know whether that latest Cyberpunk TV series on Netflix is worth watching? Check out the reviews.
  • You are new to the genre and want to know what Cyberpunk is, anyways? Access the “What is Cyberpunk?” page.
  • And have I piqued your curiosity and now you want to start consuming everything Cyberpunk, but you have no idea where to start? Cyberpunk Matrix has an exclusive 4-part guide for beginners, detailing a recommended progression of media from the genre’s genesis in the 1980s up until the present day, with 3 distinct ages of Cyberpunk. So buckle your seatbelt, Dorothy, ‘Cause Kansas is going bye-bye.
  • Not sure if something is Cyberpunk or not? Come with me on a journey to figure out what exactly is Cyberpunk, with my Is This Cyberpunk? series.
  • Want to know who are the famous celebrities in the Cyberpunk community? Check out my Interview series, which includes both text and podcasts.

Cyberpunk is Now

Nowadays we live in an era that is more Cyberpunk than ever before.

CP is Now Laser Protest

August 8th, 2019: Protesters focus the laser pointers on a newspaper in answer to police claims they could burn paper. Photograph: Kin Cheung/AP

In case you haven’t noticed, we have robots, drones, Cyber Trucks, and now in 2020 the biggest Pandemic the world has ever seen. We also are experiencing a surge in Cyberpunk media including big-budget series on Netflix, live-action movies, and now one of the most widely-anticipated video games to date: Cyberpunk 2077.

Wake up Samurai! CP 2077 Keanu Johnny Silverhand

Wake up, Samurai! We’ve got a city to burn.

Oh and Matrix 4 is coming out in 2021. That’s pretty big too. And as The Matrix trilogy is my favorite Cyberpunk series of all time (in case you couldn’t tell…) you can be sure that Cyberpunk Matrix will be regularly posting news on the film production, development, news, and eventually…a review for the film itself.

Your Operator, Alex Woods

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As for me, my love for Cyberpunk started back in 2018. I started Cyberpunk Matrix around the same time I discovered the genre. Back then I found woefully little to guide me on the path of my acquaintance with Cyberpunk, but I started with a Neon Dystopia guide on defining Cyberpunk, and then put the pieces together myself from there. From Neon Dystopia I was able to discover Neuromancer and Blade Runner, and from there I went on to Snowcrash, Ghost in the Shell, and Altered Carbon. The rest is history.

The Human behind the Avatar

Alex Vera BW

I don’t know why Cyberpunk appeals so much to me, I guess it really varies from person to person. My own upbringing featured a constant changing of world, cultures, and languages (I was a Third Culture Kid) so I guess worlds like Altered Carbon where sleeves were fluid while identity was constant really appealed to me. I now live in France teaching English with my wife, Helena, who always supports and inspires me in this mission to introduce Cyberpunk to the masses and encourage them to stay jacked in. She has downloaded more knowledge files on maintaining and running her own blog than I have, so her guidance has been very helpful in making Cyberpunk Matrix what it is today.


Enter the Cyberpunk Matrix

So welcome, dear reader, to the desert of the real. Take your time here, this website is yours–your one stop shop for everything Cyberpunk. If you want a more direct line of communication, feel free to contact me via email at thecyberpunkmatrix@gmail.com.

I encourage you to respond and comment on the things I post here–my opinions are not absolute! I guarantee that your operator will read and respond to your comments, as I provide additional information as needed to help you navigate The Cyberpunk Matrix.

Your One Stop Shop For Everything CyberPunk

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