The Cyberpunk Matrix Podcast | Ep 6: Reviewing Matrix Resurrections

Cyberpunk Matrix Podcast Ep 6: Matrix Resurrections Review

Welcome to the Cyberpunk Matrix podcast with your host and operator, Alex. Today on the show we have a complete newcomer to the Cyberpunk genre, Helena Woods, who also happens to be my wife. She is currently living abroad with me in France, where she is creating videos on YouTube about presence, joy, and culture. In addition to being a top-notch videographer, she is also a writer, photographer, artist, consultant, and content creator. For more from Helena Woods and all that she does, you can check out her website at You can also find her main YouTube channel here and her secondary channel here, as well as her Instagram @mshelenawoods.

Join us as we give a spoiler-filled in-depth review of The Matrix Resurrections

We discuss:

-themes in the Matrix, and Matrix Resurrections

-our favorite and less favorite actors from the movie

-acting, dialogue, and performances

-action sequences

-understanding the plot

-general newbie questions about the matrix

-musical scoring of the film

-social commentary the film makes on our society

-and much more.

The podcast is available below on YouTube, or you can listen to it on Anchor and Spotify.

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