Replicas: New Upcoming Cyberpunk film with Keanu Reeves to release this month

When I wrote in November  that Battle Angel: Alita was the next upcoming Cyberpunk film to watch out for, I wasn’t expecting to learn about another big Cyberpunk film that was flying under my radar a month later. But sure enough, here it is: Replicas is the newest new Cyberpunk film to look out for, releasing on the quickly approaching date of January 11th in the United States. An American film from Entertainment Studios, Replicas stars Cyberpunk legend Keanu Reeves, who helped with the production.

The story centers around the efforts of Neuroscientist William Foster to bring his wife and children back to life after they die in a terrible car crash. He tries to do so using cloning and digitizing their consciousnesses into robot bodies, something that is illegal and leads to him being pursued by the government, if the trailer is any indication.

There hasn’t been much news on this film yet, directed by Jeffrey Nachmanoff (writer for The Day After Tomorrow and The Tourist), and I’m trying to steer away from any reviews before I see it. But this film looks like it will be a fast-paced thriller and something will assuredly go wrong, as it always does in Cyberpunk tales. I’m excited to see Keanu Reeves in a Cyberpunk film again, since I’ve only been seeing him in various kinds of action flicks of late (John Wick, the Man of Tai Chi).

You can check out the trailer and see for yourself if this will be worth the watch here.



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