The Cyberpunk Matrix Podcast | Episode 3: Cyberpunk Novelist Matthew Goodwin discusses the Cyberpunk Genre

Welcome to the Third Episode of the Cyberpunk Matrix Podcast

In the Cyberpunk Matrix Podcast Episode 3,  I am joined by Cyberpunk writer and novelist Matthew Goodwin, creator of a 5-book Cyberpunk Saga starting with his first book, Into Neon.

In today’s podcast we discuss:

  • How Matthew defines Cyberpunk and how he got into the genre
  • What his favorite Cyberpunk Media are
  • How to recognize Cyberpunk tropes and stereotypes
  • What litRPG is and how it’s appearing in Cyberpunk media
  • Different kinds of Cyberpunk as they are appearing, in particular with his writing compared to other Cyberpunk media
  • How NaNoWriMo inspired both of us
  • The future of the Cyberpunk genre
  • The Cyberpunk community
  • How the Amazon series Upload fits in the Cyberpunk genre
  • The Matrix, and Matrix 4
  • Cyberpunk Day
  • And a lot more.

For more from Matthew Goodwin, all of his books are now available on Amazon. Hope you enjoy! Feel free to write your responses in the comments below, and if you’d like to be a guest or want some questions answered on the podcast, send us an email to

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