An RFID implant to unlock your Tesla–Cyberpunk is Now



Meet Amie. Amie doesn’t like being told she can’t do things, like taking the RFID chip out of her Tesla key card and implanting it into her arm. So she melted it out with acetone, encapsulated it in a biopolymer with the help of Amal Graafstra of, and proved her naysayers wrong with the assistance of body modification expert studio Shaman Modifications.

The new implant joins a previous one to unlock Amie’s house door and access her own personal website. “If I were to tap my hand to your phone, it would automatically open a browser and go to my web page” she explains. I guess Amie has a strong aversion to physical keys. Now she can wave at a laptop or phone to show her website, wave at her front door to open up, and wave at her car to unlock and start.

AmieDD Tesla


The full details of how Amie hacked her TESLA card and implanted it into her arm can be found here on here hackaday website. She also made a couple videos to show you just how she did it so maybe you, too, someday, could implant a chip in your arm? My concern would be if TESLA decides to do an update and then the chip needs to be replaced or updated. That’s a lot of body cutting.

Reading Amie’s personal bio sounds like a character ported right out of a Cyberpunk 2077 character sheet. She started her career at Marvel Studios, working on Captain America and X-Men Destiny. Then she transitioned into R&D to work on the XBOX and Playstation consoles. Now she works She’s a self-described maker, builder, and “magical unicorn software engineer” which includes selling her own 3-D printed items and LEGO gifts on her own etsy store. Oh and, did I mention she’s a next-level cosplayer? Because she does that too.

amiedd lego cosplay

It looks cool but I can’t imagine that’s very comfortable to wear. So many LEGO edges to stab yourself with!

When describing her cosplay experience and what it brought to her tinkering skills, Amie explains in the about page of her website that “Working on cosplay costumes have helped me become a better programmer, it taught me to finish a project, and always better myself, and never be afraid to be a beginner. Tech is sexy.” And to help inspire others, she’s bringing that message of sexy tech to girls, by starting her own scholarship for girls in STEM through the National Videogame Museum.

Amie is a true cyberpunk. We should all be more like Amie.

To read more about Amie’s TESLA experience, you can check out this article about it on



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